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Variable Rate Mortgage? Switch and save $5000 or more!

Tick-tock... If you've negotiated a variable rate mortgage over the past 3-4 years, and stuck with it, you're probably in a prime minus .35-50% product. This would put you in the 3.50% range This was an excellent deal back then, but only so-so today. Timing is everything Well, we're currently seeing limited time discounts that…
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When is the right time to refinance my mortgage?

Taking out some equity from your home to pay off higher interest debts can make sense! 80% is the magic number when looking to refinance.When seeking a refinance,  the government will only allow you to pull out equity up to 80% of the value of the home.As an example:Current mortgage balance: $300,000Current value of home:…
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Things To Consider When Moving Provinces

Whether you are moving cross-country from British Columbia to Newfoundland, or just next door, from Alberta to Saskatchewan, there are a ton of considerations you will need to keep in mind for before, during, and after your move.  Of course, you’ve probably already thought of the big things, such as redirecting your mail or setting…
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3 Things Every Renter Needs To Know

  Millennials everywhere are avoiding home-ownership and choosing instead to embrace the role of tenant.  Whether this is a result of financial reasons, desire for freedom and flexibility, or simply for not wanting to have to take on the responsibilities and stress that come along with owning real estate, renting is on the rise.  Sure,…
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Do I Need An Accountant When I’m Buying A House?

There are many situations in which people automatically turn to an accountant. Of course, the most obvious of these situations is everyone’s favourite time of year: tax time. Almost everyone, whether for personal or business taxes, will either hire, or at least seek advice from, an accountant to aid with their income tax return. However,…
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