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The odds are that if you have ever bought, sold or tried to finance a home, you feel you probably could have done better. Whether its maximizing your property’s market value, identifying the perfect house at the right price or choosing a mortgage product designed to fit your life and not everyone else’s, few real estate teams can offer the efficiencies and savings of providing all these services under one roof.

We can. Welcome to NormanLane.

Whether you are new to the market or a seasoned player, NormanLane’s mission is to ensure that you beat the odds in the world of real estate and mortgage financing. We know what constitutes the best deal for you: a combination of the best value for your money combined with the best financing deal so you save money in the long term. To be successful, the two must work together. So we do too. We combine the full range of services you would expect from a real estate agency with the advantage of an accredited mortgage professional (AMP), all in one team, working in tandem right from the beginning of your search up to handing over of the keys.

And it’s a combination that pays dividends. The most common frustration in the business of real estate is the disconnect between you, your property purchase and your financing. It is also where people make the most costly mistakes. The fact is that when most people purchase a home, they look to put their own personal improvements on the property they purchased, usually through renovations. By using the combined strengths of NormanLane’s real estate and mortgage services, our clients discover not only the property they want but the financial product structure to make it work – providing a level of comfort and satisfaction into what was one of life’s most stressful decisions.

And with more than 25 years of industry experience on your side, we minimize the risks of pricey surprises and unnecessary headaches. Our network of hand-picked industry professionals streamline the entire process, providing additional services in appraisal, home inspection, and legal work. All at your fingertips.

Buying or selling a home is something you might only do a handful of times in your life. So it’s important to get it right. At NormanLane, we do this every day - working in tandem to ensure you get what you always dreamed of with the least amount of hassle or stress. Our job is to make sure that when it’s your turn, the odds of success are squarely in your corner.

It's your move.

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