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Licensed Realtors Wanted.

Welcome to NormanLane Real Estate Chances are, if you've clicked our link, you are a Realtor that's currently working from within one of the many Real Estate Warehouses operating in our local market. Being 1 of 50 (or more) agents means you might not be getting the one on one time with owners/brokers that you…
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Buying a home: The $7064 mistake you don’t want to make!

Bad News So, my phone rings on a cold and foggy morning in June, and it's from a somewhat familiar voice. It's a panicked (almost) client that purchased a property in early 2015. Back then I had a detailed mortgage plan laid out for this young professional couple, one that they had reviewed with me…
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St. John’s Real Estate Market Update – Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Real Estate Market Update It's Spring in NL (or Sprinter), whichever you prefer. This is the time of year when we come out from our winter slumber and go outside to do things. Sometimes those things include the purchase and/or sale of a home. Since our local economy has been a bit of…
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Buying a home in 2017? It just got more expensive.

It was announced this morning Jan 17th, that the countries national mortgage insurer will be once again raising insuring premiums on March 17th, 2017. (We expect Canada's 2 other mortgage insurers follow suit shortly). While the CMHC passes it of as only about $5 per month, in the case of an average home purchase on…
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What’s next for home buyers in Newfoundland?

So, after attending a mortgage conference in southern California late last week I was just about to go into "airplane mode" on my mobile and zone out for a few hours on the way home, when I see that Global, The Star, The Globe & Mail and the National Post all had BREAKING NEWS from the Federal…
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